Association between SORT1/CELSR2/PSRC1 rs646776 polymorphism and statin-affected plasma lipid levels

Rosni Zainon, Amirul Faez Shamsudin, Zefarina Zulkafli, Nur Salwani Bakar

6110-6117 |


PARP inhibitors in newly diagnosed or recurrent ovarian cancer maintenance therapy: evidence of efficacy and safety from randomized controlled trials

Phan Nguyen Nhu Quynh, Phuong Thi Lan Nguyen, Ha Thi Nguyen, Toi Lam Phung, Danielle TuongVy Nguyen, Khanh Ngoc Cong Duong

6090-6102 |

Clinical and electrocardiographic interpretation of T-wave abnormalities in adult patients

Sergiy Lozinsky, Illia Taran, Maryna Lozynska

6118-6124 |

Original Research

Tamoxifen-Induced Fatty Liver is Observed in New Zealand White Rabbit by Ultrasonography

Mohammad Shahriari-Ahmadi, Mohammad NasrollahZadeh Masouleh, Vahid Kaveh

6075-6085 |

Computational and expression analysis of microRNA-149-5p and its target, interleukin-6, in chronic kidney disease

Mohamed Ahsan, Ameya K P, Ashikha Shirin Usman P P, Durairaj Sekar

6103-6109 |

Case report

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